· Ⅰ Material resource

MARBLEcer selects the best blocks from the marble quarries of Italy and Turkey as well as other countries.

· Ⅱ Energy saving & environmental protection

Superior marble is natural and non-renewable scarce resource.MARBLEcer reserves the marble's natural veins and unique beauty,and solves the problem of scarce resource through compositing marble tiles and ceramic tiles.

· Ⅲ Standard design

All MARBLEcer products adopt standard specification design,which not only makes the project design not complicated any more,but also solves the practical problem of installation and post-maintenance.

· Ⅳ Improvement of compressive strength

Through vacuum compressive treatment of the natural marble tiles and ceramic tiles,MARBLEcer composite tiles come over the disadvantages of marble's low compressive strength and fragile texture,increase the products' compressive strength,reduce the damage rate cased by crash during the long-way transportation and installation.

·Ⅴ Stain-resistance

Through automatic protection process,composite tiles have strong stain-resistance;the special design of the composite tile's bottom makes it have the effective functions of water-proof,anti-alkali and reverse osmosis,and greatly improves the life of the composite tiles.

· Ⅵ Quality control in color variation

MARBLEcer composite tiles are selected and divided from the best marble block for mass production to marke sure the consistency in vein and color.

·Ⅶ Easier installation

Compositing the natural marble and ceramic tiles or aluminum materials greatly enhance the strength of composite tiles and stone molding,make it not easy to break,so it will be easy to be installed,reducing the construction cost.

· Ⅷ Transport cost

The weight of composite tiles is only 60% of the weight comparing to the traditional marble tiles,which greatly reduce the transport and TRANSPORT COST cost.

· Ⅸ Well-served-facilities

With Zongyi Group's powerful production capacity and project ability,MARBLEcer can produce,sell and wholesale all kinds of marble composite tiles,profiled edges,standard imported granite slabs & tiles,marble slabs& tiles,profile stone lines,cylindrical arc-board,Roman column,the column base,column caps and other special-shaped stones.Meanwhile,MARBLEcer can produce and process CNC engravings,magic tiles,special-shaped stone modelings to meet the needs for interior and exterior decoration of the entire project.

·Ⅹ Service Advantage

MARBLEcer 's big service team and designer resource can solve the problems during the sales and installation in time.